Monday, August 31, 2009

Are People Talking About You? (You better know when it happens!) Step 2 to Twitter success: M O N I T O R

I had great sushi today from a little sushi hut that I normally wouldn't go into. When I saw a special for a cream cheese yam and avacodo roll, I just couldn't resist! Although I am not the kind of tweeter that tweets every giggle and burp... sometimes it's just great to share an experience, whether it be good or bad. So, tweeting "Had the most delicious yam and cream cheese roll at Sushi Sushi on W. Broadway!" is perfect and a valuable piece of information for lots out there in cyber world to digest.

If Sushi Sushi were to monitor their activity and influence on Twitter, then they would surely be pleased upon stumbling accross my tweet. Next question: How could they effectively monitor this kind of activity?
There are a lot of different sites and modules out there for people to do real time activity reports, but one of the best I have seen is TweetDeck.

This is a program you will have to download, but I highly recommend it. It's very user friendly and a lot easier to use than the original Twitter platform. Compiled pretty much all on one page, you will be able to get around very quickly, and best yet: without even changing pages, you can; view tweet resumes from your contacts, observe who is mentioning you, have access to your inbox, pass a few tweets yourself and search the whole Twitter directory. For businesses, you will want this! The moment someone references your company name or perhaps one of your products, you will have an immediate notification.

I would love to hear a success story! Let us know :)


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