Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twitter Twatter

As Twitter becomes more interspersed into the deliverance, mainteance and growth of a company's message and branding, the use of email marketing is playing a less of a role as it has traditionally. However, using Twitter in your media relations strategies, does not gauruntee success and an ROI, as 'tweeting' must be done tactfully and in the interest of a specific targetted audience. So how do we make it work?!
Matt Rhodes, from the Marketing & Strategy innovation Blog, recently posted a blog on some research conducted by Corinne Weisgerber an assistant professor of Communications at St. Edwards University in Austin Texas, on the different ways a company can use Twitter in their PR strategies:
This list is as follows:

1. Tracking
2. Monitoring
3. Live-reporting
4. Journalism
5. Activism
6. Public Relations
7. Political Communications

Over the next few blogs, I will focus one blog on each of these 8 steps to Twitter success!

Looking forward to your feedback- Please feel free to share any success stories that your company has had with Twitter!


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